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On March 7, 2010, Oshea Israel was welcomed back to his Northside community in a celebration hosted by Mary Johnson-Roy and the From Death to Life Advisory Board. About thirty friends and supporters of Mary and Oshea gathered at St. Jane House to share a meal and offer encouragement to Mary and Oshea as they continue their journey of hope and healing.  With Gwen Chandler Rhivers as Circle Keeper, participants gathered to reflect on this tremendous moment and offer their support to Oshea during his time of transition from prison.   

Read the inspiring story of Mary coming to forgive and reconcile with Oshea, twelve years after he took the life of her only son.

This was a reflection shared by Sister Suzanne Homeyer of the Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis:

Sitting in the welcome circle for Oshea with 30 plus good people put me over the top emotionally and spiritually. As I saw and heard these people I realized I knew many of them from many diverse places over the 15 1/2 years I have been in North Minneapolis. It suddenly became clear to me that we all have been preparing for this time of reconciliation in our own ways for a long time. Some people working with restorative justice circles, some hidden away in basement offices trying to write grants for really needed projects for this community, some visiting prisoners, some vigiling with grieving parents or maybe they are a grieving parent. And here we all were in a circle of peace, love, reconciliation and welcome. Over the years, there were moments of frustration, discouragement and wondering if our work would ever amount to anything or if anyone else shared our vision. In this moment of openness and sharing the joy in our hearts screamed a resounding YES and I was filled with that joy...overflowing from my heart. Being over the top emotionally with so many at the same time....knowing the suffering has spilled over, been transformed and spilled onto this holy ground and washed all clean...a bright new beginning for all of us–but especially Mary and Oshea and those they love. –S. Suzanne Homeyer

A Homecoming for Oshea!

Watch the inspiring news story from KARE-11 about the reconciliation between our founder Mary Johnson-Roy and Oshea Israel. This interview was conducted before a second larger community homecoming event that took place on August 28, 2010. Also read accounts of his homecoming that recently appeared on the front pages of the Pioneer Press, StarTribune, and The Catholic Spirit.

A second homecoming event for Oshea